people / project


People I’m looking for or things I need more information about…

April Ford

Almost impossible to search for as her name is both a month of the year and she shares a surnames with not only a US president, but a hugely famous director AND the most famous car manufacturer in history. Wrote an article about Howard Hawks for issue 1, which given the Western connection, also complicates things. Sigh…

Dora Kaplan

Difficult to search for as she shares a name with someone who apparently shot Hitler. 1 time contributor to the first issue.

Christine Mohanna

Mohanna wrote one of the first articles in Women & Film, ‘A One-sided Story: Women in the movies’, in issue 1. According to online searches, she also made a film in 1977 called Ninja. It was 25min long and in black and white. But this is pretty much all I can find online about her. I’m hoping that she may have written for another film magazine at one point?

Janet Parker

Parker was one of the magazine’s contributing editors for issue 1.3/4. I thought she might be part of the Camera Obscura gang, but it seems not.

Chick Strand

I’m looking for autobiographical or biographical writing on this filmmaker.

Mitch Tuckman

Another contributor to issue 1, Mitch interviewed the San Fran Newsreel filmmaker Judy Smith. It look like he might have also contributed to Film Comment, but I’m not sure when yet. tbc…

Carol Wikarska

Also known as Carol Davidson (married to poet Micheal Davidson 1070-74 I believe) and Carol Fazzio. She may be living in New York…


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