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Operation Abolition, 1960

A bit of California’s radical history…a film put together by the House of Un-American Activities about the protests that took place in San Francisco.


One thought on “Operation Abolition, 1960

  1. There was an excellent and interesting response film, Operation Correction, which took the same visuals and put on a new soundtrack pointing out the activist’s version of events. Here’s a link to both:

    I had seen both films, and in 1963 screened Operation Abolition with a contexting of “the other side” (originally I’d hoped to get Operation Correction, but it wasn’t available). This was screened at the Methodist Church in Park Ridge Illinois as a “current issues” kind of forum, mostly oriented to teen and college age folks set up by the Youth Minister. Since Hillary Clinton was a teen in the church at the time, she might have attended, for all I know. It caused a furor of sorts since an extreme right wing high school teacher was a member of the church and was outraged by anyone challenging the HUAC version of events. He subsequently left for a different congregation.

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