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Women’s Film Magazines Today

2011 saw the publication of two magazines that engaged with the gender imbalance in popular film journalism: Studio magazine, which describes itself as ‘the UK’s first film magazine for women – the first and only of its kind’, and New Empress, a magazine that ‘attempt[s] to take gender out of the equation a little bit and focus on cinema – the thing that everyone who reads our magazine has in common.’

Given its focus on ‘steal her style’ fashion and make-up features and its claims to reflect the ‘glamour’ of Hollywood, its hard to class Studio as a feminist enterprise, but its aims regarding women’s access to and representation in Hollywood echoes some of those expressed in Women & Film. There’s an interesting article from the Guardian here.

New Empress on the other hand, resonates far more clearly with the story of Women & Film. Here’s a video of the editor of New Empress talking about starting the magazine:


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