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USA, here we come!

We’re coming to the US this October – we being myself and my good friend Kate Wieteska, artist, horticulturalist and crafter – to conduct interviews with some of the Women & Film‘s contributors and other figures form the period. Not only this, but we’ll be filming interviews in order to put together a short documentary about the magazine and the women’s film movement in America during the early 1970s.

We’ll be stopping off in San Francisco, Berkeley, Eugene and Portland in Oregon, Los Angeles and New York. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! In aid of this project, we’ll be setting up a kickstarter campaign in order to raise the necessary funds to get from one place to another. I’ve already received invaluable support from Royal Holloway and University of London but the US is a big place and we’ve got a lot of people to see. So watch this space: more details about the kickstarter to follow but in the meantime subscribe to the blog via email or find us on our brand spanking new facebook page and hit LIKE for updates in your news feed and all that fun stuff.

See you soon!


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