#feministAdventures – Geraldines thoughts

Ger’s Blog – 29th May 2015

We’ve been back from New York for about 2 weeks. My brain is still reeling but already some of the adventure feels a bit like a dream.

When in America we stayed in five different apartments and an 18th Century Farmhouse in Maine. We spent a lot of time walking around; looking up, drinking coffee, talking about the film and a lot of that time I found myself imagining that we were in some sort of film…

Which I guess, in a way, we were.

Clarissa and Angela

What this film is going to be, how it’s all going to play out and how the story is going to be told is still to be working it’s self out.

Things we do know:

  • The Film is about Women & Film (the magazine)
  • The Film is women making a film about Women & Film.
  • There will be interviews (some recorded 2 years ago, some new)
  • The film will celebrate women

We looked at this trip as sort of a residency, a chance to be in the same place at the same time, with one focus. Trying to align the ideas we have about the project, trying to find out some things we don’t know and using the different strengths that we have to create the best possible outcome.

Ger Reseach

Now that we’re home and in our different parts of the country, getting on with our other lives keeping the focus and drive can feel difficult. I’m no less enthusiastic about making the film, in fact, I’m talking to pretty much anyone who will listen about it and everyone is pretty excited.

It does feel quit daunting, looking at the empty timeline on my computer and the neatly named clips and interviews. I’m finding it easier to procrastinate around the project rather than throw my self headlong into it.

Procrastinating, say by, looking at photos, reading articles about other feminist publications or… ahem, writing a blog.

I think it might be time to give ourselves some deadlines!


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