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An Update from The Women & Film Project

It’s 2016 so we thought we’d better give you an update of how we got on in 2015.

After our #feministAdventures in New York in April, we’ve been working away, researching, reading, editing, watching, thinking, experimenting, talking, sharing and trying hard not to procrastinate (too much).

Despite having lots of projects to juggle and geographical distance to work across, we’ve managed to put together a rough Roughcut of the film that will, in the not too distant future, become The Story of Women & Film. 

title page

Our next big tasks are to find footage, clips and stills to accompany the interviews, develop the visual style and start considering the future of the finished film.

We’re going to start using this blog space to share elements of the interviews we’ve collected to give people an insight into the magazine’s story and the people behind it. We’ll try to do that at regular intervals and welcome comments and discussion.

Sharon Smith

We’re hoping to organise an event, probably in Glasgow, at some point this year. We’re not yet sure exactly what form this event will take, but we hope to screen something old and something new; share some material from our project; and create the opportunity for some discussion and feedback.

So Watch This Space.

Drinking Coffee
Clarissa, Kate, Geraldine and Katy.


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