Exciting News: Women & Film magazine is now online! #womensfilmhistory

Women & Film magazine is now available to view and download from the very excellent and long-running journal Jump Cut.

Getting the magazine online has been a long hoped-for goal of my research, so the fact that this is happening is very exciting. When I started researching for my doctorate in late 2011, the BFI Reuben library was the only place I could go and see all the issues. I started out with two issues of my own, but if I want to see the whole thing, it had to be there. I couldn’t photocopy it, and I couldn’t take it home.

Eventually, I tracked down copies of all the issues for myself, some of them coming from the original editors, Siew-Hwa Beh and Saundra Salyer when I first made contact with them in 2012. I recently lent these copies to the BFI so that they could be scanned and digitised for library collection. This meant that visitors could view each issue on one of the library’s computers, and print from there, keeping the physical copies preserved for special collections.

But then former Women & Film contributors Julia Lesage, Chuck Kleinhans and Bill Nichols got in touch to say they were trying to find a way to get the magazine online and accessible to all. They kindly asked me to write a little introduction to the magazine and its five issues. So here it is. Feast your eyes on the complete run of Women & Film, 1972-1975. Enjoy!


WF 2.7 Cover


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