A special page of thanks for all those who have contributed to The Women & Film Project via Kickstarter and other ways…

In September-October 2013, I set up a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a research trip to the US. With the help of my good friend Kate Wieteska, I wanted to film the interviews I planned to conduct with the many people I had gotten in touch with during my time looking in to Women & Film. The hope is that this footage will not only inform my thesis and writing about Women & Film but in time, also be part of a documentary about the magazine and its place in the Women’s Film Movement. As a reward for helping fund the project on Kickstarter, backers were given thanks and production credits in line with their contributions. Here they are

Siew Hwa Beh Lichenstein

David Howell

Mandy Merck

Paul Cafell

Sue Wieteska

Olivia Von Dem Bussche

Byron Lichenstein

Carole Jones

Chris Townsend

Gary Swain

Kay Adshead

Michael Crosbie

Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

Harriet Macaree

ThienVinh Nguyen

Barbara Phillips

Amanda Stocker

Matthew Wieteska

Jeremy Young

Rachel and Dan Glegg

Chloe Edworthy

Tom Furness

Amy J. Tobin

Will Berry

James Boaden

Katie Brandon

Ariel Dogherty

Niall Dunican

Ros Dunican

Geraldine Heaney

Lara Kavanagh

Lucy Jackson

Sam Jewers

Claudia Merhej

Owain Paciuszko

Richard Paterson

Kate Robertson

Monica Russell

Linda Sayle

John R. Spiers

Johnny Stafford

Kostas Stansinopoulos

Marta Lucy Summer

Laura Tabet

Jasper Jacob

Iona Berry

Sara Burns

Adrian Garvey

Salem Osseiran

Jacqueline Rice

Carrie Buchwalter


Ally Blaylock

Kim Bonnar

Michael G. Donkin


Danielle Hipkins

Miriam Hopkinson

Cathy Ingram

Susan Kemp

Kirsty McCarter

Kristine McGuigan

Lauren McLeod

Molly Naylor

Sarah Neely

Catherine O’Rawe

Charlie Phillips

Roberta Planer

Jackson R. Pope III

Shilyh Warren

Fiona Whitehead

Nancy Buchanan

Fredrik Gertten

Michelle Moravec

John Peterssen

Ana St Amand Williams


Legends of Enlightenment

Dmitry Voronov

Katherine May Williams


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