Articles Index by Issue

List of Articles


Mohanna, Christine. ‘A One-sided Story: Women in the movies.’

Smith, Sharon. ‘The Image of Women in Film: Some suggestions for future research.’

Sullivan, Beth. ‘Red and Sofa/Master of the House.’

Ford, April. ‘Hawk’s Women: Don’t you think I could know a girl?’

Tuckman, Mitch. ‘Interview with Judy Smith.’

Sibler, Irwin and Bill Nichols. ‘Confronting the consciousness industry: Two analyses of women’s role in the media.’

Beh, Siew-Hwa. ‘Red Detachment of Women.’

Kaplan, Dora. ‘A Woman Looks at the SFIFF.’

Rice, Susan. ‘Three Lives.’

Roman, Brenda. ‘Dirty Mary.’

Everywoman. ‘Les Stances a Sophie.’

Beh, Siew Hwa. ‘Vivre sa Vie.’


Walker, Beverly. ‘From Novel to Film: Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange.’

Houston, Berverle and Marsha Kinder. ‘Odd Couple: Women and Manchild in Harold and Maude, Minnie and Moskowitz, Murmur of the Heart.’

Beh, Siew-Hwa. ‘Refelctions on recent trends in Hollywood films.;’

Gilbert, Naome. ‘To be our own muse: The dialectics of a cultural heroine.’

Harris, Kay. ‘Interview with Nelly Kaplan.’

Kaplan, Dora. ‘Selected Short Subjects.’

Sheldin, Michael. ‘Love, estrangement, and coaduration in Rosselini’s Voyage to Italy.’

Keneshea, Ellen. ‘Sirk: There’s always tomorrow and Imitation of Life.’

Betancourt, Jean. ‘High School Women and Film: A report from NYC.’

Donnie. ‘Bondage Series.’

Webb, Teena. ‘Myths, Women and Movies.’


Various. ‘Interview with Christine Rochfort.’

Walker, Beverley. ‘Moral Tales: Eric Rohmer’

Iverson, Lucille. ‘Feminist Critique of the 1st Annual Erotic Film Festival.’

Atlas, Jacoba. Beauty/Enigma/Mother: Woman in Children of Paradise, Jules and Jim, and Alice’s Restaurant.’ 38-41

Houston, Beverle and Marsha Kinder. ‘Woman and manchild in the Land of Broken Promise: Women in Children of Paradise, Jules et Jim, and Alice’s Restaurant.’

Bataille, Gretchen. ‘Preliminary Ivestigations: Early Suffurage Films.’

Davidson, Carol. ‘Letter to Jane: A critique.’

Penley, Constance. ‘Cries and Whispers.’

Giddies, Diane. ‘The Divided Woman: Bree Daniels in Klute.’

Lesage, Julia. ‘The Green Walls: The Peruvian woman and us.’

Klienhaus, Chuck. ‘Two or three things I know about her.’

Child, Abigail. ‘The Girls.’

Smith, Sharon. ‘Women who make movies.’

Nordstrom, Kristina. ‘Mae West in Venice.’

Betancourt, Jeanne. ‘Report from NY: Women’s Video Festival at the Kitchen.’

Sashi. ‘I Seen it in a Picture Show.’

Pugh, Sally. ‘Home Born Baby.’

Donnie. ‘The Movie Channel.’

Nichols, Bill. ‘Books.’



Burgess, Servi E. ‘Towards a Popular Feminist Criticism: An Interview with Lina Wertmuller.’

Lesage, Julia. ‘Feminist Film Criticism: Theory and Practice.’

‘Beyond the Theory of Film Practice: An Interview with Noel Burch.’

Penely, Constance. ‘Theory of Film Practice: Analysis and Review.’

Martineau, Barbara. ‘Women’s Film Daily.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘An Interview with Tra Giang at the Moscow Film Festival.’

Seider, Norman R. ‘New East German Cinema: An Interview with Gitta Nickel.’

Kleinhans, Chuck. ‘Lives of Performers.’

Van Wert, William. ‘Germaine Dulac: First Feminist Filmmaker.’

Flitterman, Sandy. ‘Heart of the Avant-garde: Some Biographical Notes on Germaine Dulac.’

Levitin, Jacqueline. ‘Mother of the New Wave: An Interview with Agnes Varda.’

Madison Women’s Media Collective. ‘Barbara Loden Revisited.’


Third World Perspectives

Harvey, Sylvia. ‘Focus on Sarah Maldoror.’

Independent Women’s Cinema

Glaessner, Verina.

Atel, Linda.

Walker, Beverly.

Beh, Siew-Hwa.

Lesage, Julia.

Peary, Gerald. ‘Sanken, Pink Ladies and Virgina Slims.’

Michishita, Kyoko. ‘Tokyo-New York Video Express.’

Women in Media Collective. ‘The Berekely Women and Media Conference.’

Newman, Joyce. ‘Super-8 News.’

Sullivan, Pat. ‘The 2nd Annual New York Women’s Video Festival.’

Pateman, Trevor. ‘The Painted Face of Capitalism: Technique of Film and Television Make-up for Color and Black and White.’

Nichols, Bill. ‘Books.’



Greenbaum, Connie. ‘Musidora,’

Martineau, Barbara. ‘Paris/Chicago: Women’s Film Festivals 1974.’

Keller, Marjorie. ‘Report from Knokke: Exprmentl-5.’

Erens, Patricia. ‘Interview with Jill Godmilow’

Weiss, Marion. ‘Interview with Eleanor Perry.’

McGarry, Eileen. ‘Documentary, Realism & Women’s Cinema.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘Attica’

Scholar, Nancy. ‘Maedchen in Uniform.’

Emmens, Carol. ‘New Day Films: An Alternative in Distribution.’


Third World Perspectives

Wikarska, Carol. ‘Introduction to the Enemy.’

Lieberman, Sharon. ‘Memories of Underdevelopment.’

Independent Women’s Cinema (Reviews)

Wikarska, Carol. ‘Plumb Line.’

Bartlett, Freude. ‘Self-Health.’

English, John W. ‘Tub Film.’

Bergstrom, Sage. ‘The End of the Art World.’

Unknown. ‘What’s the Matter with Sally?’

Unknown. ‘The Roof Needs Mowing.’

Unknown. ‘Home.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘Woman to Woman.’

Chick Strand. ‘El Maestro.’

Chick Strand. ‘Elasticity’

Chick Strand. ‘Mujer de Los Milfuegoes.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘A Film About a Woman Who.’

Houston, Beverle. ‘Legacy.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘Old-Fashioned Woman.’

Unknown. ‘The Mazing Equal Pay Show.’

Unknown. ‘Metroliner.’

Ideological Massage

Shedlin, Michael. ’15 Notes on Freebie & The Bean.’

Movie Channel

Taylor, Judith. ‘Did she or Didn’t She? Mytifying Women’s Opression.’

Newman, Joyce. ‘Super-8 News.’

Wikarska, Carol. ‘San Francisco-FILMEX.’

Nichols, Bill. ‘Book Reviews.’

Krasilovsky, Alexis. ‘A Women Under the Influence of Hearts and Minds.’


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