An overview of the women filmmakers who featured in or contributed to Women & Film

Constance Beeson

Coni Beeson’s Unfolding (1969) and Holding (1971) are discussed by Lucille Iverson in her feminist critique of the New York Erotic Film Festival in 1972 (Women & Film 3-4, 1973, 23-30).

Liane Brandon

See New Day.

Nancy Buchanan

Artist and video maker.

Nelly Kaplan

Her first feature film, La Fiancée du pirate (1969, France) is reviewed in issue 1 by Brenda Roman (‘Dirty Mary’, 67-69).

She appears on the front cover of issue 2, in which she is also interviewed by the photographer Kay Harris, in a section on the First International Festival of Women’s Film that took place in June in New York, 1972 (‘An interview with Nelly Kaplan’, 33-36).

La Fiancée du pirate is also discussed by Naome Gilburt in her article ‘To Be Our Own Muse: The Dialectic of A Culture Heroine’ (29-32), as is Kaplan’s second feature Papa les petits bateaux (1971, France).

Ida Lupino

1.1 SarrisThis page from Andrew Sarris’ book on American Cinema was reprinted in issue one of Women & Film. She is the only female director in his book and as the reprint shows, the names of several other women filmmakers were simply subsumed under her entry, demonstrating the low status women directors enjoyed in the eyes of critics and historians.

New Day

Distribution collective formed in 1971 by filmmakers Julia Reichert and Jim Klein (Growing Up Female1971), Amalie Rothschild (It Happens to US, 1972), Liane Brandon (Anything You Want to Be, 1971). The group met at a Flaherty film seminar in the summer of 1971.

Sally Pugh

Pugh writes about her film Home Born Baby (1973, 16mm, 45min) in issue 3-4 of Women & Film (102-103).

Yvonne Rainer

Rainer premiered her first feature, The Lives of Performers, just a couple of months after the first issue of Women & Film appeared in 1972. This marked the first of several films that she would produce over the next two decades and signalled a (temporary) move away from dance and choreography. The Lives of Performers is discussed in detail by Chuck Kleinhans in Women & Film 5&6 (1974).

Julia Reichert

See New Day.

Amalie Rothschild

See New Day.

Mai Zetterling

Zetterling’s film The Girls is discussed in an article by filmmaker Abigail Child in issue 3-4 (73-75).


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