The First International Festival of Women’s Films

  • New York City, NY ; USA
  • 13-21 June
  • Fifth Avenue Cinema

The first major women’s film festival, organised by Kristina Nordstrom and others, screened 13 features, including The Girls (Mai Zetterling, 1968), La fiancée du pirate (Nelly Kaplan, 1969) and Three Lives (Kate Millett, 1971); 4 feature documentaries and 96 shorts, which were organised into a series of themed programmes. A parallel series of panel discussions also took place at a local public school.

Films screened at the festival

The Girls Mai Zetterling (Sweden) 1968
Something Different Vera Chytilova (Czechoslovakia) 1963
The Wild Party Dorothy Arzner (USA) 1929
The Year of The Cannibals Liliana Cavani  (Italy) 1970
Passages from Finnegan’s Wake Mary Ellen Bute (USA) 1965-67
Madchen in Uniform Leontine Sagan (Austria) 1931
The Bigamist Ida Lupino ( UK-USA) 1953
The Lady From Constantinople Judit Elek (Hungary) 1969
Cleo From 5 to 7 Agnès Varda (France) 1962
A Very Curious Girl

(aka La fiancée du pirate/Dirty Mary)

Nelly Kaplan (France) 1969
The Girl Marta Meszaros (Hungary) 1968
The Lizards Lina Wertmuller (Italy) 1963
Wanda Barbara Loden (USA) 1970
Three Lives Kate Millett (USA) 1971
Gertrude Stein: When This You See, Remember Me Perry Miller Adato (USA) 1970
The Passengers Annie Tresgot (France) 1971
Olympia Leni Riefenstahl (Germany) 1938
SHORTS (shown with features)
Circles Doris Chase (USA) 1971
Mosaic Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren (Canada) 1965
Button, Button Suzanne Bauman (USA) 1969
Miss Julie Kirsten Stanbaek (Sweden) 1969
Rat Life & Diet in North America Joyce Wieland (Canada) 1968
You Can Rose Neiditch Sommerschield (USA) 1967
Of Men and Demons Faith and John Hubley (USA) 1970
Chairs Maria Lassnig (Austria) 1971
Marguerite Betty Chen (USA) 1971
A Round Feeling Kathleen Laughlin (USA) 1970
Finnish Frustrations Eilia Kaarresalo-Kasari 1969
Hunger Phyllis Pigorsch (USA) 1971
3 Commercials Lynda Taylor (USA) 1970
Fine Feathers Evelyn Lambart (Canada) 1968
Feathers is a Bird, if it is a Bird Pamella Ramsing (USA) 1970
SHORTS (Programmes)
I Don’t Know Penelope Spheeris (USA) 1972
Together Lorenza Mazzetti (Italy) 1956
Marie and Henry Barbara Issacs (USA) 1966
Snow White and Rose Red Lotte Reiniger (German) 1954
The Feminine Mystique
Growing up Female: As Six Become One Julia Reichert and Jim Klein (USA) 1971
The Cabinet Suzanne Bauman (USA) 1972
Cover Girl: New Face in Focus Frances McLaughlin-Gill (USA) 1968
Schmeerguntz Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley (Sweden) 1966
Eroticism and Exploitation
Game Abigail and Jon Child (USA) 1972
Dirty Books Linda Feferman (USA) 1973
Unfolding Constance Beeson (USA) 1970
Orange Karen Johnson (USA) 1971
A Knee Ad Pat Sloane (USA) 1970-72
Black Pudding Nancy Edell (Canada) 1971
End of the Art world Alexis Rafael Krasilovsky (USA) 1971
At Land Maya Deren (USA) 1944
Portrait Donna Deitch (USA) 1972
Dwightiana Marie Menken (USA) 1959
My Name is Oona Gunvor Nelson (Sweden) 1969
UFOs Lillian Schwartz (USA) 1971
Left Side, Right Side Joan Jonas (USA) 1972
Social Protest
Black Panthers: A Report Agnès Varda (France) 1968
Genesis 3:16 Maureen McCue and Lois Ann Tupper (USA) 1971
Respect 2 Willette Coleman (USA) 1971
Anything You Want To Be Lianne Brandon (USA) 1971
The Children’s School Deborah Macagno (USA) 1969
I Am Somebody Madeline Anderson ( USA) 1970
Women in Arabia and Africa
Behind the Veil Eve Arnold (USA) 1971
Fear Woman Elspeth MacDougall (USA) 1971
Arabesque for Kenneth Anger Marie Menken (USA) 1961
Magic Horse Lotte Reiniger (Germany) 1954
Maternal Images
L’Opera-Mouffe Agnès Varda (France) 1958
Kirsa Nicholina Gunvor Nelson (Sweden) 1970
The Gibbius Moon Nancy Ellen Dowd (USA) 1970
Last Year Joan Jonas (USA) 1971
Spectrum in White Lois Seigel (Canada) 1971
Orbitas Rosalind Schneider (USA) 1971
The Cycle of Life
Not Me Alone Miriam Weinstein and Al Flering (USA) 1970
Until I Die Patricia Barey and Gloria Callaci (USA) 1970
Cycles Linda Jassim (USA) 1971
The Hoarder Evelyn Lambart (Canada) 1969
Where Time is a River Gay Matthaei (USA) 1966
Orfeo Caroline Leaf (Canada) 1971
Portraits of Artists and Actresses
Woo Who May Wilson? Amalie R. Rothschild (USA) 1971
Diane Mary Feldhaus-Weber (USA) 1969
Dan Basen Robin Llyod (USA) 1970
Loren Mac Iver Maryette Charlton (USA) 1962
Maude in her Hat Jeannie Youngson (USA) 1971
Pioneers of Cinema and Theatre
Emergency Gwen Brown (USA) 1969
Windy Day Faith and John Hubley (USA) 1967
The Smiling Madame Beudet Germaine Du Lac (France) 1922
Abel Gance, Hier et Demain Nelly Kaplan (France) 1963
Janie’s Janie Geri Ashur (USA) 1971
Crocus Suzan Pitt Kraning (USA) 1971
This is the Home of Mrs Levant Graham Claudia Weill and Elliot Noyes Jr. (USA) 1971
Family Planning: More than a Method Phyllis Chunlund Johnson (USA) 1971
It Happens to Us Amalie R. Rothschild (USA) 1972
Women: Myth and Reality
The Woman’s Film San Francisco Newsreel (USA) 1971
A to B Nell Cox (USA) 1970
Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren (USA) 1943
Cinderella Lotte Reiniger (Germany) 1922
Visual Anthropology
Mosori Monika Chick Strand (USA) 1970
Sam Margaret Bach (USA) 1971
Missing in Randolph Hope Ryden (USA) 1970
Street of the Sardine Eva Lothar (USA) 1970
Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky Suzanne Bauman (USA) 1970
Navaho Rain Chant Susan Dyal (USA) 1971
Paths of Loneliness
Paul’s Film Amy Taubin (USA) 1971
Gale is Dead Jenny Barraclough (UK) 1970
Eugene Marian Siegel (USA) 1971
Little Joys, Little Sorrows Jadwiga Kedzierzawska (Poland) 1968
Zoo Mary Sparacio Collins  (USA) 1971
Animals and Animation (kids)
Fun on Mars Sally Cruikshank (USA) 1971
The Little Men of Chromagnon Francine Desbiens (Canada) 1971
Workout Rhonda Small (Australia) 1967
The Day The Earth Stood for it Patricia Gruben (USA) n/a
Plum Pudding & Let’s Make a Film Yvonne Anderson (USA) 1970
Fishes in Screaming Water Pola Chapelle (USA) 1969
Three Wishes & Puss in Boots Lotte Reiniger (Germany) 1934
Catsup Tana Hoban (USA) 1967



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